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Learn how we’ve transformed the standard of air density + elutriation system technology with our patented Air Wash System.

Discover How We’ve Improved and Enhanced The Standard Of Aspiration and Elutriation Systems Technology Through Innovation

Elutriation Systems

How the ACS Air Wash Has Improved and Enhanced The Standard of Elutriation Systems Technology

Since their development, Elutriation and Aspiration technology have been a literal gamechanger for the bulk material handling and material separation industries.

Although incredibly, many businesses in these industries are still entirely unaware of this technology’s existence.

Where they instead, are still relying on outdated and antiquated methods for material separation, or worse, are simply discarding their post-production waste and end of life materials following their production process.

What Is Elutriation and What Does An Elutriator Do?

Put simply; Elutriation is an air density process for separating particles based on their size, shape and density through the flow of various levels of a gas or liquid.

An Elutriator is a relatively simple device that uses the process of Elutriation to separate particles into two or more groups.

The number of applications for various types of Elutriators and Elutriation Technology within the bulk material processing industries is only exceeded by the number and level of benefits the technology offers.

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with Air Density and Elutriation technology. In that case, you can watch the animation below to see how our patented Air Wash and Dedusting System uses Air Density technology for the application of bi product material separation.


how our patented air wash system utilizes air density technology for material separation.

ACS Air Wash Technology

What Are The Benefits of Elutriation and Aspiration Technology for Bulk Material Processing Facilities?

The full list of benefits relating to the application of air density, Elutriation, and aspiration technology for bulk material processing companies is simply too long for us to go through right now. However, some of the most common, powerful, and impactful benefits facilities experience following this technology’s application in their facility are:


Improved Facility Cleanliness as a result of dramatically enhanced dust and particle collection


Minimize labour costs through improved and automated material processing capabilities


Produces higher quality regrind materials which can be reused, repurposed, or sold


Makes use of more production and scrap and end of life materials


Reduces (and in some cases almost eliminates) the expensive costs associated with waste removal and processing of the leftover production scrap


Maximize your facilities production capabilities


Improves facility processing speed, production, and material throughput


Become a greener company through improved material use and recycling capabilities.


And many more.

At this point, it should be pretty clear why this technology is so impactful to those who implement it. But that leads us to the next question.

What Are Some Common Applications of a Particle Elutriation Separation System In The Bulk Material Processing Industry?


Fiber from plastic


Fiber from rubber


Paper from metal


Paper from plastic


Plastic from plastic


And many more.

A Few More Specific Applications of Air Density and Elutriation System Technology Are:

Carpet logo


Removing fibre from its backing

plastic bottle

Plastic Bottles

Plastic and label separation

recycle icon


The applications are endless



Seed cleaning and separation

Textile Recovery

Textile Recovery

Bi product material separation

Wood Processing

Wood Processing

Woodchip and sawdust separation



Recycling and process tires into high quality regrind

And keep in mind, there are only a few of the countless applications the technology can be implemented for.

Elutriation: A Powerful Technology with Little Innovation… Until Now

But here’s the problem, although air density, Elutriation, and aspiration are powerful processing technologies, they have experienced only little incremental improvements.

Many of the companies who manufacture these types of technology have concluded that good is good enough – with one exception.

At Air Conveyance Systems, we’ve reimagined the standard of Elutriation and aspiration technology over the past 20 years with our Air Wash System. Over the course of that time, we’ve developed the most powerful and effective material separation system on the market with our patented Airwash technology through constant innovation.

AirWash Filter Unit Diagram Air Conveyance Systems

What Makes Our Innovative ACS Air Wash Separation Technology So Much Better Than Other Elutriator and Aspirator Technologies.

At this point, you know the benefits of implementing air density, Elutriation, and aspiration technology. The next question is what makes our innovative Air Conveyance Air Wash material separation technology so much more powerful than the other purveyors of the other “standard” elutriation systems,


The Air Wash system conveys and separates materials simultaneously.


It has no internal moving parts, virtually eliminating maintenance and the typically required repairs.


Adjustments can be made while the AirWash is running.


Requires minimal training and oversight leading to lower operation costs


Improved performance over ANY other system available on the market


Separates a higher quantity of regrind and separated materials


Offers the highest per hour throughput rates of any system available


It uses less air, which requires less horsepower and filtration.


The fan is positioned on the cyclone’s clean side, meaning it produces minimal wear from use.


Lower initial investment


Completely “Modular” system allowing for easy integration and installation (It can also be moved, transported, and installed in an alternate facility with ease.)


Produces dramatically higher quality regrind


Can be used for dust and fume collection


Plus, many more.

However, outside of the improved material processing benefits, our innovative Air Wash technology offers facilities which implement the technology a unique competitive advantage which is accompanied by:


New potential sources of revenue – Resulting from the high quality and increased quantity of usable separated post-production materials.


Reduced personnel and staffing costs – Because of the automated processing capabilities of the technology. Plus, the reduction of labour required to handle the unusable and discarded waste.


Increased production speed and volume – Resulting from how the Air Wash cleans and separates simultaneously while also having the highest throughput capabilities in the industry.


Reduces specialized personnel and training costs – The Air Wash System was designed both for its processing and production capabilities and for its ease of use as it requires virtually no specialized or ongoing training to operate and maintain.

Put simply; the Air Conveyance Systems Patented Air Wash Technology Does THREE Things Exceptionally Well.

It streamlines and simplifies every aspect of your material handling processes and operations.

It minimizes a wide variety of business costs and expenses (Personnel, training, downtime, landfill fees, and dozens more.)

It maximizes production, revenue, and profits (Increased usable/sellable materials, increased production, improved quality and more.)

At this point, you might be wondering – Could this Air Conveyances Systems technology optimize and improve our facility’s ability to process materials?

The answer is very likely “YES,” but we (as I’m sure you do as well) want to make sure our technology is the perfect fit for the application our client is considering using it for.

That’s why we offer a complimentary material processing validation study to confirm our technology can produce you the results you want inside of your company.

All you do is send us a sample of the material you’re looking to process to our research and development facility. When we receive it, we’ll run it through our Air Wash system based on your specific material requirements, and we’ll send you the regrind samples so you can see exactly how it could process materials in your facility.

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ACS Technology and Innovation Is Head and Shoulders Ahead of The Competition

Air Conveyance Systems technology isn’t only more powerful and more effective than any other competing system on the market; it is also the most cost-effective.

Especially when you consider the costs you’ll save due to the minimal training requirements, plus the reduction in operational and production expenses, and I haven’t even mentioned the increased and improved production, along with increases in material quality and volume.

There simply is no better bi product material separation system available on the market for companies and facilities who are looking to improve their processes and also their profitability.

If you have additional questions about our technology or you would like to speak to us directly about our innovative material handling systems and their application in your business, we invite you to click the button below to get in touch with us here at Air Conveyance Systems today.

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Air Conveyance Systems was established in 1999. Since our inception, we've integrated more than 100 working applications of our Air Wash Technology recovering and diverting millions of pounds from local landfills, saving companies money, increasing production, and maximizing output. We have a full-sized production facility where we can run your material samples, demonstrate the effectiveness, and show you the benefits an ACS system could bring to your business.

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Air Wash Dedusting & Separation

Our Air Wash System cleans and conveys your regrind all in one step! Our patented design uses one blower sized to efficiently evacuate, convey and clean your material. The unwanted fines, stringers and dust are collected in a sealed drum making your entire material handling process run smoothly with maximum production and minimal downtime. Imagine how Air Conveyance Systems Air Wash Technology  cab benefit and transform your business.

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