High Pressure Blowers


Our easy to install ACS High-Pressure Blowers come in a wide range of sizes to meet any material conveying needs.

Our high-pressure blowers function well both indoors and outdoors as well.

The “Modular” design allows for ease of transportation, adjustment of application, change of material.

These blowers require minimal maintenance and provide a clean and efficient method for conveying a variety of materials.


Economical and practical modular system. Installation and expansion is an easy DIY job unique OK 160 pipe system. – Only basic tools required.


Gentle conveying – grain is cushioned by a high volume of air.


Self-cleaning conveying system – easy change from one variety to another.


Transportable – TRL blower, CAD feeder and pipes are easily moved from one farm/site to another keeping total investment at an absolute minimum.


Capacities from 2.5 to 53 t/h – conveying length op to 200 m.


Multi dimensional conveying – convey crops horizontal, vertical and around corners in one stretch – ideal for filling silos and flat stores.


Low maintenance cost – no close tolerances in blower and feeder.


Our TRL pneumatic conveying systems are suitable for wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn, rape seed, canola, peas, soya beans, sesame and many other grains and granular products.

An ideal system for the farm and in agricultural processing industries.

The TRL high-pressure blowers and CAD feeders are available in a wide range of sizes to match almost any specific conveying needs, in- or outdoor.

The use of the TRL high-pressure system is not limited by the flow arrangement or by complex layouts of outdoor silos or indoor building dimensions.

OK 160 pipe system fits all TRL mo- dels. Pipes, bends and other components can be combined in a countless number of ways, easily assembled by means of the OK quick-release couplings or bolt clamps.

Conveying principle

Only two moving parts – blower and feeder! The blower generates a powerful air stream through the pipes. The material to be conveyed is fed into the pipe system via a venturi or rotary valve. The conveying line is connected to the feeder outlet. By means of diverters the flow may be directed to different destinations.

High quality, strong components for long service life and consistent capacity

Our TRL blowers are available from 2 to 50 HP.

The single and multi stage “turbo impeller” fan is precision balanced and rotates in a “free-wheeling” environment. This ensures a low noise level and continuous capacity regardless of age.

TRL 500, a three-stage blower, can deliver a pressure of no less than 3500 mm WG.

Feeders may be placed anywhere in horizontal pipelines and are resistant to dust and stones in the grain.

TF venturies, for lower capacities, are used as an alternative to CAD rotary valves.

Rotary valves types CAD are used in pressure conveying for delivery into a horizontal pipeline.

Rotary valves types CAE are used in suction conveying systems for gravity discharge from cyclones.

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