In Line Venturi

The Inline Venturi system in conjunction with the Multiair blower unit is efficient for conveying of various materials such as continuous edge trim from paper and film manufacturing and processing industries. Expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.), guillotine off cuts, roll ends, finished plastic products i.e. blowmoulded bottles, injection moulded products and blow/injection mould waste (Top, tails and sprues). In addition the system can be utilised for explosive fume/vapour ventilation by removing the air return unit and replacing the air return with a large diameter duct.

Principle of operation

Unlike conventional Venturi systems, the new Inline Venturi system offers improved suction allowing materials to enter directly into the piping.

The Air Return unit returns the induction air back to the blower, thus permitting only the induced air and the products being conveyed, to pass freely through the Venturi.

The Inline Venturi system in operation has no moving parts, therefore, low maintenance.


The Venturi system is especially suitable for materials with low density, “odd shapes” or continuous lengths.

The Inline Venturi system simply connects to all blowers and piping with the use of our standard clamps. The Venturi system is available for adaption to OK100, OK160, OK200, ø250 mm and ø300 mm piping. An OK160 Air Return is used with the OK100 Venturi.

The Air Return is also available with an Anti-Clog device.


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