Air Conveyance Systems is Pleased to Announce That They’re Now Providing Complete Sales and Services for Their Air Density Separation Technology Throughout the United States

Air Conveyance Systems is pleased and excited to announce they will now be offering Complete Sales and Services for their elutriation, Air Density Separation, and bulk material handling technology throughout the United States.

Cayuga, ON – Air Conveyance Systems, the leading developer of air conveying and bulk material handling separation technology is pleased to announce they will now be providing complete sales and service for their line of bi-product material separation technology throughout the United States.

Peter Simpson, the owner and founder of Air Conveyance Systems, stated in a recent interview, “This was the clear next step in the company’s growth, we just needed the infrastructure in place to support all of our new clientele south of the border.” He continued, “We’re feeling more excited than ever before about the growth for the company. We’ve got the supply lines and the team in place to handle this huge growth opportunity, and we’re excited to get moving on helping our clients implement our elutriation and air conveyance technology.”

Air Conveyance Systems is a Canadian based developer and manufacturer of elutriation and air conveying technology. They are recognized for their patented Air Wash which is a powerful air density separation system. Air Conveyance Systems has assisted clients in a wide range of sectors helping them to improve their bi-product material handling and bulk material separation processes. Beyond their technology, products and parts, they also provide complete material processing consultative services in a wide variety of industries including recycling, automotive manufacturing, wood processing, textile recovery and agriculture with new industry applications continually being developed. 

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Contact Info:

Name: Peter Simpson
Company: Air Conveyance Systems
Address: 33 Maple Road, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0
Phone: (289) 260-0773

Bulk Material Solutions

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About ACS

Air Conveyance Systems was established in 1999. Since our inception, we've integrated more than 100 working applications of our Air Wash Technology recovering and diverting millions of pounds from local landfills, saving companies money, increasing production, and maximizing output. We have a full-sized production facility where we can run your material samples, demonstrate the effectiveness, and show you the benefits an ACS system could bring to your business.

Parts & Products

At Air conveyance Systems, we develop, design, and fabricate a variety of bulk material handling solutions. Moreover, every system we offer exceeds industry standards by using only the highest-quality parts available. As a single-source solution, we inventory, distribute, and install all the parts, products, and components used in each one of our ACS material handling solutions. Click the button below to explore the various parts and products we offer here at Air Conveyance Systems.

Air Wash Dedusting & Separation

Our Air Wash System cleans and conveys your regrind all in one step! Our patented design uses one blower sized to efficiently evacuate, convey and clean your material. The unwanted fines, stringers and dust are collected in a sealed drum making your entire material handling process run smoothly with maximum production and minimal downtime. Imagine how Air Conveyance Systems Air Wash Technology  cab benefit and transform your business.

ACS Service Areas

At Air Conveyance System we manufacture, distribute, install our patented Air Wash technology to our clientele throughout North America. We also provide support, service, parts and consulting as well. To contact us to learn more about how we can help you, click the button below.

Air Conveyance Systems Service Areas

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